The Northeast Florida Chapter 88, located in Jacksonville, received its charter from the SFA in 2004.

Chapter 88 serves as the local voice for the SFA, and promotes the general welfare of the Special Forces community. The Chapter is involved in community events and woks to promote veterans issues.

Helping The Green Berets

Make A Difference ... Again

The Green Beret.  It is worn by the Army’s Special Forces. It is a symbol of honor, courage and sacrifice. , known popularly as the Green Berets, are America's silent professionals. specially selected and trained. They are America’s main weapon for waging unconventional warfare in an age when conventional conflicts have become increasingly rare.

The Green Beret. It is worn by the Army’s Special Forces. It is a symbol of honor, courage and sacrifice. Specially selected and trained, members of the SFA are America’s main weapon for waging unconventional warfare in an age when conventional conflicts have become increasingly rare.

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It also strives to perpetuate SF traditions and to commemorate the memory of all Special Forces soldiers who have given their lives in defense of the free world.

Local SFA chapters, such as Northeast Florida Chapter 88, provide opportunities to fraternally unite all persons who are now, or have been, assigned to the U.S. Army most elite force, the “Green Berets” in their communities.

It is not surprising that an organization filled with so many self driven people, who accepted some of the toughest challenges in U.S. military history, would be so community active through their local chapters.

For example, local chapters are involved in numerous events, including fundraisers and activities that recognize and assist current and former SF members and families in their communities through several organizations including the Special Forces Charitable Trust, Green Beret Foundation, OASIS (Operational Advocates Supporting Injured Soldiers), Disabled American Veterans, and the Special Forces Scholarship Fund.

Historically the SFA has provided manpower, monies, printed material, and personal beliefs to educate both members and the public regarding the history, present contributions, and future development of the United States Army Special Forces.

The SFA has also provided numerous resources to assist the Special Forces units since its inception to insure units are adequately manned and equipped for the defense of the United States and by supporting the establishment of the Special Forces Branch as the premiere combat force within the United States Army.

The Special Forces Association was founded at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in 1964 and was incorporated in North Carolina in 1971 as a 501c19 Veterans Service Organization.

Membership is restricted to qualified “Green Berets” personnel who have contributed significantly to the support of Special Forces, Montagnards, widows of Green Berets, and Honorary members.

The majority of the memberships are Vietnam veterans that played an instrumental part in the award of the “Green Beret” headgear worn by today’s soldiers.

Membership is increasing daily with each graduating class of SFQC. All graduates are encouraged to become a part the SFA, the voice of Special Forces.

Special Forces team members work closely together and rely on each other for long periods of time, both during deployments and in garrison.

Because of this, they develop close relationships and personal ties which foster a team cohesion and esprit de corps which is rarely found elsewhere in the military.

That's why the Special Forces Association is such a popular organization in the SF community.

With over 9,700 active members, and dozens of chapters throughout the U.S. and 8 countries, one of the SFA's primary missions is to promote and support the general welfare of the SF community.

Letter from the president

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10:00 a.m. 1st Saturday of each month
Come to Breakfast at 9:00 a.m.
Ramada Inn
9150 Baymeadows Rd Jacksonville FL

The Northeast Florida Chapter 88 of the Special Forces Association first line of defense Masters of unconventional warfare The Green Berets

Next Meeting: Saturday May 2,  2015

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