About Us

Mission Statement

The Special Forces Association, North East Florida Chapter LXXXVIII Serves as the Local Voice for the Special Forces Community; Perpetuates Special Forces Traditions and Brotherhood; Advances the Public Image of Special Forces and Promotes the General Welfare of the Special Forces Community.

Purpose of the Chapter

The purposes for the formation of the “Green Beret” Special Forces Association, North East Florida Chapter LXXXVIII is to unite fraternally all persons who are now or have been assigned to the United States Army Special Forces, to perpetuate the traditions of Special Forces and to commemorate the memory of Special Forces soldiers who have given their lives in defense of the United States and the free world; To help educate the citizens of the United States in understanding the mission and role of the Army’s Special Forces, in defending the United States and the Free World and to keep them abreast of to developments in the Special Forces arena, consistent with applicable security regulations; To Develop grassroots support for the Army’s Special Forces that can only come when citizens know and understand the value of the Army’s Special Forces to the national defense. Chapter LXXXVIII accomplishes this through various community events and activities; To promote the general welfare, prosperity and status of Association’s members by all lawful means and to be a source of inspiration and Esprit de Corps for all Special Forces personnel present and future and to encourage camaraderie and mutual support between members of the Association.